We’re your pioneer partner bike share operator.

Benefit from our wealth of procurement and operational expertise and let’s ride together.

Service commercial management

Customer service, reception, provision of bicycles, dedicated usage surveys.


Support in designing and dimensioning your bicycle service.


All the solutions for servicing and repairing your bikes and optimising maintenance.

Local partnerships

Setting up dedicated local partnerships, training, managing and supervising subcontractors.

Managing human resources

Employee takeover, inclusive recruitment and in-house training.

Communication and events

Organisation of events and activities, communication to promote the use of bicycles

Finance management

Invoicing according to your processes, revenue management and mandate agreements

Digital tools

Reservation software for VLD bicycle services and maintenance management software


Recovery of used parts on site and in the workshop, recycling of bicycles at the end of their life, reuse as part of an ecological approach

In addition

Our digital solutions to optimize the operation of your cycle service

Reservation software

Provide your users with a digital booking process

Management of the department

Manage waiting lists and customer relations

Technical management

Monitor the status of your fleet in real time

Our Pioneer Partners

Find out more about cycling mobility projects :

Since the launch of the Véligo Location service in September 2019, Vélogik has been providing curative maintenance for the 20,000 or so bikes that make up the largest Bike subscription fleet in Europe. From the beginning, we’ve been providing intelligent maintenance using our Vélocare software, which enables us to monitor interventions and the condition of the fleet in real time.

Don’t get distracted by operational risk, leave that to us! 

Management and supervision

Management of technical operations in an industrial context. Optimising productivity and processes.

Workshop or on-site maintenance

Preventive or corrective maintenance according to your maintenance plan.

On-site maintenance

Preventive or corrective maintenance of bicycles and outdoor stations. Inter-contract maintenance for customers.


Bike reallocation, battery swapping, optimising maintenance rounds

Commissioning, assembly and reconditioning

Dismantling, assembling and reassembling assemblies and sub-assemblies

Our experience in optimising your existing services

Audit and technical inspection of your bicycle fleet

All our expertise for restoring your fleet

Operational management of your service

At a partner’s side to help you create, structure and implement the technical management of your service.

In addition

Our digital solutions to optimise your fleet maintenance


Optimize monitoring by scheduling work with our Maintenance Management software


Centralise service requests and optimise technician rounds and organisation


Manage your fleet and feedback on maintenance operations

Our Pioneer Partners 

Discover the cycle mobility projects

Find out how Vélogik Digital’s software facilitates the operation of long-term rental bicycles at Golfe du Morbihan – Vannes Agglomération.

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