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Local Authority

Moving towards more bike friendly communities in partnership with urban pioneers.

Let’s deliver the benefits of micromobility modal shift together in partnership. We will help you chart a path towards a healthier, cleaner and more vibrant urban environment, while ensuring smooth, safe and inclusive operations.

Expert advice:

Project feasibility, scheme and asset suitability, project budgets and potential income streams

Asset procurement:

mechanical and electric bicycles, scooters, street furniture and docking systems

Customised to your needs

A la carte services (full or partial operation, staff takeovers), in partnership with local players

Maintenance and Logistics Operations :

prevantative, reactive and predictive manitnenance regiumes to ensure maximum fleet uptime, rebalancing and redistibution operations to ensure availabiltu of assets with minimal environmental impact

They trust us

What type of service for your project?

Vélogik offers maintenance or partial or total operation of your service, whatever it may be.

How do you set up a local authority cycling service?

All you have to do is set up a bike-sharing system in your local authority. This scheme will make bicycles available in public spaces at low cost or even free of charge. People who don’t own a bike will be able to use them for their daily journeys and discover the advantages of cycling as a means of transport.
Moving towards more bike friendly communities in partnership with urban pioneers. This is the Velogik way!

What is a “Bike House”?

There are various names for these “bike houses” in Europe: Vélostation, cycling centre or bike agencies. These are similar local practices that bring together different services to promote cycling, with the aim of encouraging and supporting cycling. The Bike house provides information and advice on how to get around by bike:
-Support for purchases and terms and conditions
-Advice to prevent bicycle thieves
-Bicycle routes available throughout the region, in and around urban areas, according to user profile and expectations.

What should I do with my fleet of bicycles at the end of the contract?

Reconditioning is an alternative way of extending the lifespan of bicycles rather than having to renew the fleet, and makes it possible to acquire cheaper bicycles.
Bikes in perfect condition and up to 60% cheaper than new bikes. As a general rule, the lifespan of an electric bike is between 5 and 10 years. These figures can, however, be revised upwards or downwards depending on the quality of the model, the frequency of use of the bike and its maintenance.

Discover our cycling mobility projects

Find out how Vélogik Digital’s software facilitates the operation of long-term rental bicycles at Golfe du Morbihan – Vannes Agglomération.

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