La Poste – Maintenance and management of a fleet of 1,000 e-bikes

When La Poste entrusts its e-bike fleet management to Vélogik

Since 2015, Vélogik has been responsible for the maintenance and management of the e-bike fleet for postal workers in the Rhône department. A fleet of nearly 1,000 bikes used 6 days of the week. Equipped with a stock of spare parts and specialised tools for the symbolic yellow cycles, two specialist mechanics and a coordinator organise daily proactive and reactive maintenance rounds across a total of almost 80 sites.

Our management software has been adapted to include all the postal distribution sites and the relevant fleets. This allows us to manage all the bikes serving the company’s various services, with a view to constantly improving fleet quality. Already a leader in providing local services, La Poste now also possesses the largest bike fleet in France.

Vélogik also takes care of La Poste’s e-bikes in other regions across the Alps and on the Atlantic coast.

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