Véligo bike rental maintenance

On 11th September, Île-de-France Mobilités launched its Véligo bike rental service in Paris. The aim was to encourage residents of the French capital to try e-bikes, with the possibility to buy their own personal bike later on. Ultimately, 20,000 e-bikes will be put into circulation with a view to minimising the use of more polluting modes of transport.

Service operated by Fluow

Fluow was created by Vélogik, La Poste, Transdev and Cyclez and has been the official operator of Véligo service since late 2018. It manages the operation, transport logistics, rental and preventative maintenance of the bikes.

After leaving the manufacturer’s factory (Cycleurope), the e-bikes are transported by truck to the Fluow workshops in Ivry-sur-Seine and Bobigny. Here, the final assembly and checks are carried out. They are then logged in Vélocare, Vélogik’s proprietary scheduling and reporting tool for tracking and managing maintenance operations. Lastly, they are delivered to stations, ready for rental.

Learn more about smart maintenance.

Vélocare operation tracking and management

customer relations and after-sales management

for fleet managers

1. Fleet information

2. Bike medical history (date, status, characteristics)

3. Request an operation

4. Operation reports

Maintenance operation management

For maintenance teams 

1. List of pending, ongoing and completed operations.

2. Assign operations to mechanics (location, duration, difficulty, etc.)

3. Detailed reports of operations (parts changed, time spent)

Curative maintenance designed by Vélogik

Fluow oversees the preventative maintenance of bikes at the halfway point of the rental contract. Vélogik handles the curative maintenance.

When a Véligo cyclist encounters a problem, they contact the customer service department through the Véligo website, who will then pass on the maintenance request to the Velogik dispatcher, if necessary. Their role is to then assign a mechanic who will repair the bike at a location chosen by the user and within a maximum of 3 days.

Véligos are made of 70 separate parts, all managed and recorded using the Vélocare software.  Each bike and part has its own unique code to optimise maintenance. At the end of the rental, Fluow mechanics perform a complete inspection of the bike so that it can be put back into circulation.

Vélogik is proud to play an active role in the service’s success. Our aim is to change attitudes and promote active mobility.

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