Employee profile: Arnaud Simon, workshop manager

Oct 18, 2019
Portrait chef d'atelier

From Vélogik Auvergne…

Arnaud Simon first arrived at Vélogik over a year ago and worked as bike workshop manager at the technicentre in Ivry-sur-Seine. After beginning a vocational training diploma to become an assistant manager in Clermont-Ferrand, he decided to get his feet on the career ladder.

He has always had a love for bikes and has cycled every day for the last 5 years, so our industry seemed the obvious choice for him. When he first joined the company, Arnaud was a general bike mechanic for C.vélo, the self-service bikes in Clermont-Ferrand operated by Vélogik. This first role allowed him to become familiar with a wide range of tasks such as repairing bikes in the workshop, maintenance operations in the field and balancing docking stations.

to Vélogik Île-de-France

In the summer of 2019, he joined the Vélogik Task Force, a team of experienced Vélogik mechanics who provide support to new technicentres. With this new entity in the Paris region, Arnaud spent several days repairing bikes in the French capital. For him, it was an opportunity to “take on new challenges”, since the market was denser and the team bigger.

When the Vélogik Île-de-France team was being put together, Arnaud jumped at the opportunity to apply for the job of workshop manager. His experience and skills made him a perfect fit, and he still holds the position today. His average day now looks a lot different: he is in charge of a team of mechanics, providing training and organising their schedule so that they collectively meet their targets. All this has required him to develop new skills in management and organisation. This change of role and location was a no-brainer for him, since he sees internal promotion as the best way of progressing.

Vélogik has cemented its position as an expert in bicycle maintenance and believes the industry has a bright future. Arnaud’s job is essential to our growth as Vélogik acquires new and larger technicentres and recruits more bike mechanics.

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