Staff profile: Yann, the bike mechanic

Aug 11, 2020

Yann introduced himself to us at the Paris Job Fair, where Vélogik was on the lookout for potential new bike mechanics.

A labour of love

Passionate about all things bike maintenance, Yann changed careers after going on a bike mechanic training course specifically tailored to his handicap, as he is in fact visually impaired. After working through an employment integration programme, he was in search of a long-term job to continue his career in the bicycle industry.

Yann beside two instructor colleagues: Levy (left) and Thibault (right)

Tailored support

Vélogik quickly recognised Yann’s enthusiasm and professional nature, and thus wanted him to join the team at the technicentre in Ivry-sur-Seine. For that to be possible, we had to ensure that the workplace would be suitable for Yann given his disability.

With help from the local disability employment service, Yann was able to enjoy a long trial period (3 weeks) during which his fellow bike mechanics worked with him to find practical solutions to adapt his workspace. An ergonomist also provided their expertise and safe transport solutions for him to get to work were also put in place thanks to the AGEFIPH.

At the end of this trial period, Yann was hired on a long-term contract as a bike mechanic.

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