Motion Forward cares for cyclists during COP26

Motion Forward will be running Dr Bike workshops throughout COP26 to encourage visitors and locals to take up cycling during the climate change summit in Glasgow.

An urgent environmental crisis

The 6th IPCC report was published this summer and issued a dire warning as to the world’s environmental condition. It reiterated that human activity since the industrial revolution has caused changes in the global climate, the consequences of which are already visible and set to quickly worsen.

Consequently, the priority for COP26 will be ensuring the 2015 Paris Climate Accords, which laid down commitments to limiting global warming to under two degrees, are correctly followed. Failing to do so will make it impossible to avoid climate change having a drastic impact on future generations.

Motion Forward, caring for the planet and people

At Motion Forward, we believe that it is society’s responsibility to change and adapt to the current climate crisis, and that bikes have a major role to play in this transformation.
Cycling offers a wide range of benefits, from cutting greenhouse gas emissions to eliminating congestion in city centres, fighting against climate change and creating green jobs and expertise.
In addition to helping reduce our carbon footprint, bikes also push us towards a more inclusive society. Motion Forward’s team strives to give everyone the possibility to use bikes as a mode of transport as well as live in a healthier environment, whether they be a seasoned cyclist, child, senior, people with additional needs or come from a low-income family.

Dr Bike workshops by Motion Forward

Throughout COP26, Motion Forward will be teaming up with Transport Scotland and Glasgow City Council to run Dr Bike workshops for Glasgow’s cyclists. The sessions will offer bike safety checks for users on Broomielaw on the banks of the Clyde, as well as at the play park on Kelvinhaugh street. Two sessions will be held each day from Monday to Friday over the two weeks, except on the 1st, 5th, 10th and 11th November. The sessions will run from 7.30am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm.

What is a Dr Bike workshop ?
A Dr Bike session is a mobile bike service workshop. A professional mechanic will service your bike to check it is in safe working order. They will check the bike’s overall condition, perform small repairs and highlight any other bigger problems. The mechanic will also make any necessary adjustments to the brakes and accessories, replace cables and brake pads as well as grease and lubricate the bike.

We also offer food to help cyclists replenish their energy stocks, biodegradable ponchos to protect them from the rain and lights so they can stay safe when cycling at night.

Nextbike UK is offering free 30 minutes rentals on pedal bikes, funded by Title Sponsor OVO, and free 10 minutes rentals on e-bikes, funded by E-Bike Sponsor ScottishPower.

Maintenance of the OVO Bikes fleet

Motion Forward is also providing maintenance for the bike share fleet of OVO Bikes powered by Nextbike. A total of 25,000 delegates are expected to attend COP26 and it is essential that the bikes remain functional so that they can all get around during the two-week summit. The sheer number of users will require a much more intense maintenance schedule than usual to ensure everyone stays safe.

Motion Forward, bike maintenance specialist
Maintenance is key to ensuring a fleet remains operational day after day. Motion Forward’s goal is to maintain and repair bikes to maximise their lifespan and, at the same time, maximise user safety and comfort.
We work with all types of bikes (standard, cargo and e-bikes), stations and shelters.
We specialise in every form of fleet, including self-service bikes, short and long-term rentals and business fleets.
We look to promote professional and sustainable bike maintenance that meets the needs of all cyclists.

We hope that COP26 will be a resounding success. We encourage everyone attending in Glasgow to travel around by bike throughout the event and to come see us. We strive every day to create a more sustainable future using the amazing invention that is the bike!

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