Share capital: Vélogik rides with Impact Partners and SERFIM

Feb 8, 2022

For the first time in its history, France’s industry leader in bike maintenance has opened its share capital to two partners. They are Impact Partners, a European platform dedicated to impact investing, and SERFIM, an independent and family-run medium-sized enterprise that specialises in a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable industries.
The aim is to develop and bring structure to France’s bike maintenance sector, export its expertise to Europe, anticipate industrial and technological evolutions and promote access to employment.

Founded in 2008 by Franck Brédy, Vélogik is France’s leader in bike maintenance, responsible for the care and repair of over 50,000 bicycles. Its business is flourishing, driven by the increased uptake of cycling, and its turnover grew by 50% in 2021.
The company has almost 200 employees and covers:

  • bike maintenance for companies and local authorities in France and the UK
  • bike repairs for the general public with its Vélogik Les Ateliers franchise network, located in Lyon, Paris and Grenoble
  • development of business software especially designed for the industry
  • training with its Campus, which upskills bike mechanics and also addresses the sector’s labour shortage

Vélogik, caring about employability

Improving access to employment is at the heart of Vélogik’s business and operations. In partnership with employment organisations, it strives to help the long-term unemployed find work in the bike maintenance sector. Currently, 30% of the company’s recruitment comes from access-to-employment programmes (230 new hires planned by 2026). Its goal is to help fashion a cycling maintenance industry that is professional, inclusive, local and sustainable.

Impact Partners and SERFIM take an equity stake

After 13 years of self-financed growth, Vélogik has opened 25% of its capital. The company hopes to expand its business and boost its international growth by opening subsidiaries in Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. The bike maintenance industry is constantly evolving and changing, and so its efforts will also focus on the digital transformation of its operations, which will help further attract new talent.
Lastly, Vélogik will also open new repair workshops in order to bolster its local presence.

This consolidation and expansion of operations aims to cement the company’s position as a leading player in the cycling industry, while at the same time promoting its societal and environmental values and helping improve access to employment. A strategy made possible by two partners committed to the same cause:

  • Impact Partners is the first European platform dedicated to impact investing. Its mission is to create a sustainable and fair society by supporting entrepreneurs who have local, social and environmental impacts, on top of impressive financial results.
  • SERFIM: this medium-sized enterprise is active in several fields, working to create sustainable infrastructure and facilities across all of France.

Key figures for 2026

  • 200 000 bikes under maintenance
  • 250 people trained each year by the Campus
  • 230 people recruited via employment programmes
  • 120 unemployed helped thanks to bike employability workshops

Franck Brédy, Vélogik President, explains:

“The cycling market is booming, becoming more structured and condensed. We therefore need to stay ahead of the changes and innovations to become a key player on the European stage while promoting a fair and just economy with passionate men and women. We have chosen our investors for a reason: both these organisations share the same life-long values as Vélogik, advocating for equality and access to employment while also working to tackle climate issues. They are more than investors, they are partners.”

Armance Pélissier, deputy director at Impact Partners:

“Improving access to employment and providing training are social impacts that are an integral part of Vélogik’s economic model. The structural growth of the cycling market, the company’s leading position and its European acceleration will contribute significantly to local economic dynamism. That’s what convinced us.”

Thomas Delalande, associate director at Impact Partners adds:

“We were impressed by what they have accomplished and proud to support Franck Brédy and his team in the next stage as they continue to grow the company’s social and economic model”.

For Alexandra Mathiolon, Managing Director of SERFIM:

“Companies must stand up and play their part in the ecological redirection and equal opportunities. Vélogik’s operations have purpose. They contribute to sustainable mobility while also creating local jobs open to the long-term unemployed who struggle to find work. We are delighted to be able to accompany them in their expansion and support their growth in a way that all our employees can be proud of”.

About Vélogik

The Lyon-based company and leader in bike maintenance has gone from strength to strength ever since its creation in 2008. Spearheading an entire sector, it currently manages the maintenance of over 50,000 bikes in France and Europe thanks to a workforce of almost 200 men and women.
Vélogik’s growth and culture is built upon solid values and beliefs, championing human beings, expertise and passion.
It has always prided itself on being a sustainable company that maintains close ties with the local economy and works tirelessly to promote alternative transport.
2021 turnover: €12.5 million

About Impact Partners

Created in 2007 with the firm belief that entrepreneurs can help create a fairer and more sustainable society, Impact Partners has become the first European platform dedicated to impact investing.
In Europe, its mission is to provide financial and human support to entrepreneurs who have remarkable social and environmental impacts with the Impact Growth fund (investments from €2 to €15 million). It also has its Impact Creation fund (from €50k to €500k), aimed at helping those who want to create their brand-name company in low-income neighbourhoods.
A pioneer in impact investing, with over €350 million under management, Impact Partners works across Europe with conscientious entrepreneurs thanks to its presence in Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Copenhagen.


SERFIM is a family-owned and independent medium-sized enterprise with over 80 sites. Its origins date back to 1875 and its history is closely linked to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.
The group specialises in public works (energy, water, roads, civil engineering), environmental industries (renewable energy, recycling, environmental remediation), IT and communications technology, manufacturing and real estate.
The knowledge and expertise of its 2,400 employees makes SERFIM a key player in sustainable urban planning and improving local quality of life throughout France. The company is committed to advancing the environmental transition alongside its partners and other economic players who share the same values: SERFIM is most notably a ‘Coq Vert’ ambassador for BPIFrance and a member of the Climate Enterprise Convention.
Press contact: Laurence Masson /

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