Vélogik obtains B Corp certification

The leading cycle maintenance group has just been certified B Corp. This demanding and internationally recognised label is proof of Vélogik’s CSR commitments. Only 200 companies have been awarded the label in France.

Being a responsible and committed company has always been a matter of course for the Vélogik group. Since its creation in 2008, the leader in cycle maintenance has been asserting its values and thus guiding its social, environmental and economic development.

Vélogik has written its raison d’être into its articles of association, set up concrete initiatives to promote integration through employment, created a training campus, supported women’s cycling, monitored its extra-financial results, etc. There is no shortage of concrete examples of Vélogik’s commitment, and today the group is going one step further by obtaining B Corp certification;

This international label is awarded to companies working towards an inclusive, contributive and regenerative economy. It measures the impact of the business model and operations, covering the spectrum from governance to customer satisfaction, employee development and the involvement of partners and suppliers. By becoming certified, these companies are significantly changing their organisation and production methods in order to control their impact.

Encouraging cycle industry players to commit

‘Even though CSR has always been taken into account at Vélogik, the work carried out with B Corp has profoundly changed the company’s vision.It’s a process that will lead us to measure our impact on our customers in concrete terms: bike availability rates, increased cycle life, improved quality for users, etc. This label is also important at industry level. It represents a collective movement towards a sustainable and inclusive economy”, explains Franck Brédy, Chairman of the Vélogik group.

B Corp certification will be rolled out through a number of initiatives planned for 2022 and 2023:

  • Consistency of commitments made to French and European subsidiaries.
  • Training employees in CSR issues to ensure the same level of knowledge, information and involvement throughout the Group.
  • The drafting of an Ethics Charter and the creation of an associated supervisory body.
  • The creation of an Advisory Committee, bringing together employee representatives.
  • Communication at each site on financial, social and environmental indicators.

Score : 86.2

Vélogik’s B Corp objectives:

  • Governance: bringing our values and DNA to life within the company and with our stakeholders
  • Employees: combining the development of each individual with that of the company, in a secure, motivating and inclusive environment
  • Local authorities: supporting the Vélogik movement for a professional, inclusive, sustainable and local sector
  • Environmental: measuring and controlling the impact of maintenance on the environment
  • Customers: improving the lifespan, use, safety and impact of bicycles for our customers.

CSR at Vélogik at a glance :

  • 2010: introduction of an environmental management system
  • 2013: ISO 14001 certification
  • 2017: ISO 9001 certification
  • 2021: definition of the company’s raison d’être
  • 2022: two committed investors, Impact Partners and Serfim, and certification B Corp acquire a stake in the company

Key figures

2021 sales: €13 million
Headcount at the end of 2021: 180
Employee satisfaction score at the beginning of 2022: 7.8/10
Percentage of people recruited on a pathway to integration in 2021: 28%.
GHG emissions/km travelled in 2021: 0.101 kg eq C02

About Vélogik

Vélogik specialises in cycle operation and maintenance for professionals and businesses. Founded in 2008, this Lyon-based company now manages the maintenance of over 55,000 bicycles in France and Europe, thanks to a team of almost 120 employees.

Vélogik is built around strong values: people, expertise and passion. They guide its development and unite its teams, who work every day to promote cycling mobility and enable all cyclists to ride comfortably and safely.

Since its creation, Vélogik has positioned itself as a sustainable, inclusive company with its roots in the local area.

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