Bike For Good and Vélogik create Motion Forward

Jun 21, 2021
motion forward

Bike For Good and Vélogik join forces to create Motion Forward, a joint venture specialized in BtoB bike maintenance launching onto the UK market.

Two companies committed to shared values

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Bike For Good started in 2010, unfunded in a small stall in Glasgow’s famous Barras market. They now have two thriving community hubs and shops in Glasgow, a team of more than fifty individuals who are changing thousands of lives through cycling.

Bike For Good is expert in social and environmental impact, and provides a variety of inclusive cycling activities and services for the Glasgow community.

Over the last seven years and to grow their charitable activities, Bike For Good developed their BtoB services to provide professional bicycle fleet servicing and Dr Bike to universities/colleges, community organisations and businesses including the maintenance and management of the Glasgow bike share scheme Nextbike.

Founded in 2008, Vélogik is a pioneer in bike solutions for businesses and councils (sale, rental, management, consulting, training), quickly cementing its place as a French leader in the management and operation of bike services.

Since early 2018, the company has refocused its efforts on cutting-edge bike maintenance (smart technology, technical expertise, management, digital softwares), reinforcing its know-how in BtoB bike fleet maintenance.

Both companies have a common vision for cycling mobility, especially in regards with maintenance. They act daily for a healthy and inclusive environment where everyone in the community benefits from more people cycling.

The United Kingdom is a thriving hotspot for cycling, with the country seeing a steep rise in uptake and the government showing a growing awareness of bikes as a bona fide mode of transport.
Like everywhere else, cycling needs maintenance and repair professionals. Bicycles with electrical assistance and cargo bikes, among others, require specific expertise.

Motion Forward’s services for bike fleet owners and managers

  • We operate on all types of bikes (standard, cargo and electric), stations and bike hangars.
  • We specialise in all types of fleets, including bike share schemes, short and long-term rental and loan services as well as private fleets such as those use for business purposes.
  • We ensure the sustainability of your equipment and the reuse of components.
  • Your users and customers ride with comfort and safety.
  • Our digital tools guarantee you connected monitoring and traceability.
  • Our teams support you on service and technological innovations for a continuous improvement of your fleet.

All this in order to reduce the maintenance’s costs and improve customer’s satisfaction.

netbike glasgow

  • 13 expert technicians
  • A 1 000 bikes under maintenance for Nextbike UK in Glasgow, including more than 120 electric bikes
  • More than 100 bike hangars installed for Cyclehoop in Edinburgh and 60 currently being installed in Glasgow
  • Agile on-site maintenance via Dr Bike in Glasgow and soon in Edinburgh

Motion Forward wants to develop its activities in the UK and promote expert maintenance, committed to the environment and to meet the needs of all riders.

Maintenance is the key for an operational fleet. The mission of Motion Forward is to maintain and repair for sustainability, rider’s comfort and safety. We are committed to provide professional fleets a quality service with a positive environmental and social impact.


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