Aug 11, 2020

Maintenance is too often overlooked when it comes to cycling projects and policies, despite it playing an essential role in keeping fleets reliable and cyclists safe. 

In 2020, Vélogik decided to launch its maintenance campus to champion and promote new professions in the maintenance industry. Green jobs that help further the shift towards bike mobility.

The campus aims to…

  • Provide training through induction programmes and work-based learning;
  • Support entry into employment by identifying talents and striving for inclusive recruitment in partnership with employment charities and organisations;
  • Promote our industry by highlighting maintenance careers and jobs;
  • Drive employment in the industry.

This ambitious project is based upon three innovation pillars: the Campus Lab, the educational resources centre and the educational technicentre.

The Campus Lab tracks evolutions in the professional cycling industry and the latest technological innovations, while also championing a sustainable model based on the principles of a circular economy.

The educational resources centre helps design and model training programmes adapted to businesses and the industry. It will work to provide materials, particularly online, to workers on site.

Lastly, the campus will ultimately lead to the creation of a European training technicentre and a “Vélogik campus skills” label for bicycle maintenance.

We firmly believe that raising our global maintenance standards will bring everyone in the cycling ecosystem closer together and help us innovate for greener, more sustainable mobility.

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